The Best Aspects of Each Dance Style

Posted on Dec 18, 2015 in General

The Best Aspects of Each Dance Style

The best part of dance being your art or sport of choice is that there are so many different styles and genres that you can take part in. All of these styles are fun, dynamic, and definitely a great work-out, but each one of them has different traits that make them unique.

Trying to choose which dance class to take? This may help:

Ballet is a timeless, traditional dance style that sets the foundation for all other dance genres. In a ballet class, you learn how to maintain straight lines from limb-to-limb, strengthen your core, and perform elegant leaps and turns with proper technique. Ballet is often performed in pointe shoes, but beginners usually start without. Ballet dance is a beneficial tool to obtaining control of your body and improving your balance. It can also help with posture, body sculpting, and promotes flexibility. Not to mention, it’s beautiful to watch!

Hip Hop
Hip hop is a very popular style, because it blends in so well with mainstream music. It incorporates a range of different styles, such as popping, locking, krumping, break-dancing, etc. Hip hop usually consists of movements that are grounded, isolated, and hard-hitting – although, lyrical hip hop can be very smooth and rhythmic. It’s often a blend of many different influences, from pop-funk to old school house dance. Hip hop helps increase stamina, as well as muscular resistance. It increases memory skills and coordination, as hip hop combinations are usually fast paced and intricate.

Jazz is a fusion of everything! Jazz can incorporate the technical aspects of ballet, the hard-hitting isolations of hip hop, and the fluidity of contemporary dance. Sharp leaps and turns are often seen in jazz, with quick footwork and precise movements. Jazz is very dependent on its accompanying music, promoting strong musicality and rhythm. A fun aspect of jazz dance is improvisation, which brings a freeing element to this normally poised dance style.

Contemporary or lyrical dance can be a similar to each other, or completely different; it all depends on the choreographer and the routine. Usually contemporary or lyrical is syncopated with the music, using smooth and fluid-like movements. While a style like hip hop is controlled and internal, contemporary or lyrical often incorporates big movements and gestures. Contemporary can also include a lot of legwork, and technical movements, making it easy to blend with ballet or modern dance.

Of course, not all types of dance fit under this strict umbrella. There are many other dance styles out there, and these are just a few that we offer at The Dance Factory. Often teachers or choreographers will blend more than one style, “break the rules” of each style, and create new styles! Start dancing today to experience each one of these beautiful forms of art.