Your common questions and concerns, answered below!

How do I register my student for an open class?

You can register online, over the phone, or at the time you arrive for your class. Please arrive 15 minute early to the class you are registering for to fill out the registration/liability form in the studio with the front desk staff. All students under 18 MUST have a parent/guardian signature to participate. It is encouraged to call or e-mail in advance to pre-register. All payments and registrations occur before class hours.

Which payment forms do you accept?

We accept cash or check. We also accept debit/credit cards (in the studio only.)

What should my student wear to class?

For jazz/technique classes, we suggest form-fitting clothing, such as leggings, shorts/tights, yoga pants, tank tops, tshirts. For shoes, Jazz shoes, foot undiez, or socks. Hair pulled back away from the face would be ideal.

For hip hop classes, tennis shoes/sneakers (w/clean soles!), baggier clothes such as sweatpants and a lose/baggy tshirt. Whatever you are comfortable dancing in. No jeans!

What’s a punch-card system?

A punch card allows you to drop into any class you’d like over the summer when you want to. It has freedom and flexibility. If you’re on vacation for one week, no problem! Use the punch card when you want and for the classes that you want. The card expires after the Summer Session ends and cannot be used in the Fall. No refunds for unused punch cards.

When are class fees due?

Tuition must be paid on or before the first day of class each month. Tuition and registration fees are non-refundable. Credit is not given for missed classes. There will be a $10 fee for any payments received after the first day of class each month. Drop-in fees can be paid prior to the class.

Is there a family discount?

Yes, if you have more than one dancer enrolled in classes, there is a 20% family discount applied to the family member paying the least amount.

Do you offer private lessons?

Yes, private lessons with DF instructors can be scheduled at the following rates:

  • $30 for 1/2 hour
  • $60 for 1 hour

Do open class students perform as well?

Yes! Our open classes perform at our annual “End of the Year” show, which is scheduled for late May/early June. The Dance Factory show is part of your child’s training, as dancing is a performance art. Students learn about stage directions, cooperation, and how to express themselves.

The “End-of-the Year” Open Class fee, which includes a show t-shirt and costume, ranges from $40-$60 and will be applied to your monthly statement prior to the show.

Costumes cannot be ordered unless your account balance is paid. We are not able to return costumes; thus no refunds will be given if your child chooses not to or is unable to perform in the end of the year show.
Tickets for the show are available online or at the door. Your student will receive further information about this show in class a few weeks before the performance.

Can I mail my payment?

Yes, you may mail your checks to our PO Box at:
Eugene Dance Factory
PO Box 1534
Springfield, OR 97477

Payment must be by check or cash.
For questions about your account or invoice contact our bookkeeper, Mary, at:

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