DF Company Performance Policies

Performance company: As a performance company dancer, you are required to attend all company rehearsals, extra rehearsals, full company rehearsals, performances, competitions, conventions, etc. If a conflict arises where it makes it impossible for you to attend, please contact your corresponding company teacher immediately (via email/text). Do not wait until the last minute to let us know about possible conflicts.

Extra class requirement: All dancers (including double company dancers) are required to take ONE additional class apart from their company scheduled classes. You may chose to take more than one; that is perfectly fine and highly recommended.
Urban Beat: *required* Beg/Int Ballet – Saturdays
Prestige Jr/Prestige Sr: *required* Int/Adv. Ballet – Sundays

Costumes: We will bill out for costumes at the same time that we bill for tuition. Expect to see your invoices (via email) between the 20-25th of each month. This charge is usually broken down by piece/routine and is due at the same time tuition is due. If you need an extension on your costume fee payment, please contact us immediately as costume pieces WILL NOT be ordered until full payment has been received.

Tuition: Tuition will be due on the 1st of the month. All invoices will come via email unless otherwise specified. Please contact us if you need your invoice delivered differently than electronically.

No Performance Policy: This policy entails that any dancer with a balance above $100 near the time of a performance, will not be eligible to perform unless the balance has been paid down to $100, the balance has been accounted for via payment plan, or paid in full. We sincerely apologize for this as we understand, wholeheartedly, that performance is ALWAYS the highlight of any dance season but we have been forced to implement given the high volume of yet-to-be-paid balances. If you need assistance setting up a payment plan contact Mary at: infodancefactory@gmail.com.

Returned Check Policy: If a check is returned by your financial institution for any reason, a $25 charge will be assessed. The Dance Factory will not accept a check from anyone who has previously presented two checks that were returned for any reason. After two incidents, that account will be forced to “cash-only” transactions for 12 months.

Late Fee Policy: Tuition not received by the 5th of the month will be subject to a $20 late fee.

Company members should return a signed rules/regulations form available at the studio. We need these forms returned to us as soon as possible. Please make sure to read it thoroughly.

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